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Now more than ever there is an increased need for companies to prioritise employee wellbeing.

Employees suffering stress are more likely to report depression and other health complaints resulting in greater levels of fatigue and days absence.

Implementation of an effective wellness programme helps create a happier, more focussed and productive workforce, encouraging camaraderie and connection amongst teams, and building resilience to better cope with the inevitable stresses associated with a busy working life.

“12.8 million days are lost due to stress, depression and anxiety, and 6.9 million days are lost due to musculoskeletal disorders.”
Health & Safety Executive Annual Statistics Report (GB 2018/2019).

“Employers can jump start a stale wellness programme by taking a more holistic perspective and looking at overall wellbeing of mind, body and spirit.”
PWC Health & Wellbeing Survey 2019.


Mindful movement and breathing creates optimal functioning of our brain; assisting cognitive abilities of reasoning and increasing memory.

Back, shoulder, neck and wrist pain in addition to general aches and pains associated with prolonged periods of time sitting at desks can impact physical and mental health. Exploring mindful movement and learning how to effectively optimise the breath can greatly impact and ease pains associated with sedentary jobs.

Work/life balance can be optimised by feeling better during working hours. The breath optimally supports our minds and bodies to find a greater sense of balance physically and mentally.

Through specific movement practices and breathing techniques we can create the optimal environment within our nervous system for greater resilience and emotional regulation. Learning how to harness the power of the breath brings steadiness and calm to body and mind.

Play is so often lacking in busy adult lives. Play invites freedom, encourages creativity, improves team building and optimises feelings of empowerment and joy. A perfect combination for a happy working environment!


I partner with many corporate wellbeing teams to increase the support available for employees in their home-based work environments and in the corporate workspace offering Mindful Movement Method classes, Breath Coaching and Yoga Therapy.

Using a combination of therapeutic techniques, neuroscience, evidence based mindful movement practices, condition-specific breathing techniques and positive psychology to encourage behaviour change, I can help create a happier, healthier and more productive workforce.

Mindful Movement Method practices are designed to improve employees mental and physical wellbeing, focussing on the development of tools and techniques that can be used in the workplace and beyond.


“Nadyne is an absolute star! We started offering virtual yoga classes for all of our employees through lockdown to help them unwind and keep moving. Nadyne has been amazing at tailoring to all abilities and really understanding the needs of each and every individual. Her classes are relaxed and fun, and she always throws in an element of challenge for those who are game!

She skilfully guides and holds the space for us to feel safe (which is not easy to do virtually!). Classes with Nadyne have become the highlight of my week, it’s the only time that I feel like my mind is still and my body fully relaxed. I know that I am not alone in feeling like that- she’s keeping us all sane!”

Sophie Bowen. Learning & Development Manager at COOK Trading Ltd.

“I first used Mindful Movement Method’s services in a personal capacity prior to lockdown so when the pandemic arrived, I had no hesitation in offer Nadyne’s sessions as a way to promote wellbeing for my staff during the lockdown.

Nadyne is very professional, friendly and warm, and actively engaged staff who may not have considered yoga otherwise. She’s been able to support a wide range of abilities and her sessions noticeably improved positivity of our staff which helped them to cope during a stressful time. I thoroughly recommend her services.”

Christophe Boudet, Managing Director.

Reviews & Testimonials

"Working with Nadyne has been a life-saving exercise—literally"

“Working with Nadyne has been a life-saving exercise—literally. I use the breathing practices at night in bed, just before sleep, and my Oura ring shows the very clear results - reduction in heart rate and increase in HRV. I even replaced the beta-blockers prescribed to me with the 6/6 breathwork protocol and achieved similar results, minus the awful side effects of that terrible medication... I am forever grateful to Nadyne for this method and for the open-hearted grace with which she teaches it.”

Erin Sharoni

"A very supportive and compassionate space"

“Before the session with Nadyne, I was feeling very heavy with emotion, PTSD and lethargy due to being bed bound. Nadyne created a very supportive and compassionate space for me to show up as I was. Having experienced long covid herself, she 'gets it' - from the get go, we shared an instant comradery. Nadyne has a very healing and soothing voice; she guided me through powerful visualisation meditations combining colours, conscious breathing, a beautiful place in the world and visualising the breath moving through my body... ”

Jasmine Hayer @jasminehayer_

"incredible improvements in my symptoms"

“I was recommended to see Nadyne after having long covid. I’ve been working with Nadyne coming up to 2 months and have seen incredible improvements in my symptoms and general health beyond covid. It’s been really interesting to see how powerful the breathing practices are, and the differences they can make to your physical health. As an asthmatic my breathing is the best it has been in years, a lot slower and calmer. One of the things I am most surprised about is my IBS has improved after 8 years and I’m able to manage my energy levels more effectively... ... ”

Cat Vezmar

"Exactly what we need..."

“I want you to know that your approach in working with post-covid clients is exactly what we need: the calm and reassuring way you in which you provide a sense of hope and encouragement, the way you listen intently to the client and take notes, making the client feel heard and seen, and finally, the knowledge you have of the human body and ways to improve it are so appreciated”

Anna, Long Covid since March 2020

"You’ve been like a breath of fresh air"

“Thank you so much for the session. It has been so useful. I have completed the practice daily and have not used my ventolin since last week. Although my lungs still don’t feel back to normal. I’m trusting more in my breathing which is really positive... You’ve been like a breath of fresh air after months of having no positive feedback from anywhere.”

Mandy, Long Covid since October 2020

"Thank you for all you’re doing"

“I can’t describe how wonderful and informative I found the workshop. I was actually a little tearful at times as I have felt quite alone with my Long Covid symptoms and there is such a lack of information out there. Thank you for all you’re doing to heal people. It is really making a difference to many lives”.

Holly, NHS Occupational Therapist

"The classes really help me learn..."

“The classes really help me learn techniques to avoid spiralling thought patterns. Focusing on the breath and always having the breath as an anchor helps me ignore any distracting thought processes. More than anything Nadyne’s classes are about breathing and how that can help you in mind and body.”

Zoe Duerden

"A greater sense of wellbeing"

“I particularly enjoy Nadyne’s classes, not only because they’re effective and she knows her shit , but her energy is engaging and relaxing. I really feel like she takes time with each individual to help them get to grips with the practice as everybody has different obstacles and imbalances. Nadyne makes sure you’re being challenged in the right way. Already I’ve noticed my athletic performance improving in the gym. I’m noticing I have more range of movement and most importantly a greater sense of wellbeing has been achieved.”

Jason, Personal Trainer

"Helped relieve my anxiety"

“I highly recommend Nadyne’s classes. You dive into an ocean of relaxation, calm and strength, challenging the body at all different levels. The classes have especially helped relieve my anxiety. It’s amazing the way the classes make you feel. I especially love the poems Nadyne sometimes reads. I have high anxiety and low confidence and you can’t help but find yourself in some of the beautiful poetry. Yoga is poetry in motion essentially.”


"I felt so much lighter energetically"

“I did some more of the breathing yesterday and just sat with everything we did and said for the rest of the day. When I woke up this morning, I felt so much lighter energetically, it was amazing! I definitely feel more open. I love the process of how different modalities work. Thank you so much.”

Michelle, Yoga Therapy Client

"Nadyne has been amazing"

“Nadyne is an absolute star! We started offering virtual yoga classes for all of our employees through lockdown to help them unwind and keep moving. Nadyne has been amazing at tailoring to all abilities and really understanding the needs of each and every individual... Classes with Nadyne have become the highlight of my week, it’s the only time that I feel like my mind is still and my body fully relaxed...”

Sophie, Learning & Development Manager, Cook

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